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Product Roadmap

Esports Games Onboarding

Player Testimonial:

Thank you for finally adding League of Legends! My team mates and I have been wanting to play on Skrmiish but we are competitive players and don’t like BR games.

Doors Opened:

Our first 5v5 esports title will allow us to create a template going forward for all our competitive games on Skrmiish since they all use common live API calls for us to track results with.

Badassery Level: World Domination/10

Onboarding esports titles will put us in the big leagues and will elevate our standings in the industry to new levels. It will also unlock the majority of the PC player base globally.

Skrmiish Gaming Organization

Player Testimonial:

I think it’s so cool that Skrmiish have their own esports and streamer teams. Im going to grind to join your CSGO team! I watch all their games and try to play on Skrmiish streamer leaderboards whenever they go live.

Doors Opened:

Creating an esports/gaming organization to the likes of 100 Thieves or Faze Clan will significantly boost our brand awareness organically but will also provide us the opportunity of onboarding and building our own streamer team who represent our brand.

Badassery Level: 9 Organic Tractions/10

Just as with traditional sporting sponsors, having teams that do well in events will bring a lot of fans and clout to our brand. Something traditional media or sponsored events cannot do.

Esports and Tournament Organization Game Modes

Player Testimonial:

Im glad there is a proper competitive points feature on the app now. The wagering mechanics were cool for casual play but not very competitive and it doesn’t work for big tournaments.

Doors Opened:

With a competitive points system we can now host industry standard esports tournaments on Fortnite and also have the ability to onboard more serious Esports titles.

Badassery Level: 4/10 for streamers and 10/10 for TO’s

Catering to the sweaties will mean a lot more serious play on the platform with players dedicating a lot more time. Esports is serious business.

Onboard Warzone

Player Testimonial:

I’m happy you guys finally have a real game on your platform. Theres almost no support for warzone killrace events so it’s really cool we have something to play on.

Doors Opened:

Warzone currently only support for kill races. Because we are getting in early, as they release new competitive modes we will be able to onboard them onto Skrmiish immediately. It will be the first time we are current to industry needs and not playing catchup in terms of gameplay.

Badassery Level: Finally, a real game

Warzone is a far more serious title in terms of branding and mature playerbase compared to Fortnite. With Warzone we will have the approval and excitement of the everyday FPS gamer.

Exploit prevention & Detection

Player Testimonial:

Its great to see that a lot of the exploits that players were doing in earlier tournaments have been solved. The platform feels much more fair and I can actually try to go for the win now that I have a chance.

Doors Opened:

A main branch of exploit detection is building player history and behavior profiles. These structures can be expanded on down the line to build reputation systems and advanced user behavioral models.

Badassery Level: Zero Smurfs /10

Not so badass but it’s very important that we create a safe environment for our players and streamers. For the stats guys what is badass is the wagering behavioral models we can build in the future.

Cross Play with Console

Player Testimonial:

YESSS! In my friends’ group there are 3 people with PCs but im the only one with an Xbox because I can’t afford a PC. Ive been seeing them play on Skrmiish but could never join now I can finally play.

Doors Opened:

Fortnite has a large casual console player base and so does Warzone. The trend in gaming is moving towards cross play for most large titles. Adding Cross play essentially doubles our potential market size. It’s also the starting point for us to add mobile games to our lineup.

Badassery Level: Console finally gets to play too

With the inclusion of cross play we are one step closer to being on every platform for every popular game and that’s a pretty badass thing.

Fortnite Creative

Player Testimonial:

Killracing in public fortnite games was so 2018. Now days all the tournaments and wagers happens in creative. Im glad we can finally 1v1 each other in box fights.

Doors Opened:

With creative onboarded we open our doors for the first time to community created content. In the future we will look at building our own Skrmiish themed creative maps that our users can play on. We also might see our users make new game modes just for Skrmiish.

Badassery Level: Giving the players what they want.

More game choices are badass, community created content is badass. Not much more to say.


Player Testimonial:

The fact that I don’t need to use a discord bot is great. I found those bots very confusing. I think its so cool that I get to play with my streamer all the time. Olten said he will play with viewers at the top of his leaderboard so im going to grind to play with him next stream!

Doors Opened:

With Marshiil MVP in place we can expand on our bot presence across different platforms adding support bots to twitter and discord. We will also be able to increase our presence on twitch streams, integrating into the stream overlays and many more features.

Badassery Level: Zero Competitors / 10

Currently there isn’t a service available that can create an end-to-end experience for players wanting to play with streamers. To be the first service to enter such a large market is a very exciting journey for us as a company and pretty badass. Also calling it Marshiil is super cool.

Community Gameplay Features

Player Testimonial:

I like the fact that you are always adding new content to the app to keep it fresh and people coming back. With the addition of 2v2 and best of 3 game series the app feels a lot more fair and less stressful to play. It’s also not such an effort trying to find new opponents every time you want to play again.

Doors Opened:

By adding gameplay features that make it easier to build relationships and communities, we will drastically improve the amount of time our users spend playing Skrmiish. It will also make our app appear more accessible and lively to those not yet on the platform.

Badassery Level: Creating Friendships

Not very badass but very wholesome. Social gameplay features are what will turn our app from a platform into a home where users come to make friends. So I guess that is pretty badass after all.


Player Testimonial:

My first language isn’t English and I like watching GregF play Fortnite but he says he wont play Skrmiish until it is in Spanish.

Doors Opened:

The biggest market in gaming is in Asia and South East Asia. These are large untapped audiences that have a much stronger gaming culture than in the west. With the addition of mobile support and localization for strong international gaming communities we further expand our audience reach.

Badassery Level: 1.7B Asian players / 2.7B players globally

That’s a lot of Asian players.

Global Leaderboard Rankings

Player Testimonial:

I really like the fact that I can unlock access to the streamer leaderboards by playing on the global leaderboard. It’s also cool that there is a place where I can bank my LP up to use for merch or leaderboards.

Doors Opened:

With players having the ability to bank LP on their account we can start providing products to spend LP on. This will give LP more value and drive players to play on the platform more.

Badassery Level: Who doesn’t love progression mechanics

Always having a reason to play on Skrmiish even when there are no streamer leaderboards active is a big step for our platform. Giving LP value beyond just a single leaderboard will reinforce that we are a social platform and not just a Tournament Organizer.

Define User Personas

Player Testimonial:

Skrmiish seem to understand their community really well. I have never really been upset about an update they just seem to know what’s coming.

Doors Opened:

With properly fleshed out user personas we will be able to isolate what our core community looks like and build features that are highly effective in capturing their needs.

Badassery Level: Pure gold for the data nerds


Quality of Life Social feature Set

Player Testimonial:

After doing all those game modes for friends to play together its cool to see them introducing some much-needed social stuff.

Doors Opened:

These smaller, less noticeable but still important app features will go a long way in getting users into their games quicker and make them engage more on the app.

Badassery Level: Small Badass Additions

 Like a mouse with sunglasses on.

Web First Registration

Player Testimonial:

I like that I can register on the website through my phone or PC. Im not at my PC at the moment so I can sign up now and then when I get home quickly get the client that I saw got emailed to me.

Doors Opened:

Allowing users from both mobile and desktop environments to register in a very simple way, will increase our ability to onboard more users faster and onboard console and mobile users.

Badassery Level: Simple process scale 6/10

If we enable Skrmiish to easily capture registrations this means we will be able to hit our required KPI’s in order to advance the lifetime of the company and move one step closer to securing our next round of fundraising.

Streamer-Partner Onboarding

Player Testimonial:

As a streamer I constantly look at ways of increasing my community engagement and additional revenue streams, Skrmiish provides me with not only the tools to do just that but monetize my community in a justifiable way, that seems very endemic to the same eco system Twitch/ YouTube gaming provides

Doors Opened:

By onboarding streamers we not only increase our ability to acquire users but effectively create two different kinds of user profiles. Skrmiish can engage with both streamers and viewers to build a home for all communities

Badassery Level: Twitch bits (except they matter) 10/10

Building an effective partner program and onboarding mechanism allows us to increase our user base exponentially, this also opens us up to user generated content where the streamers and their communities would start forming their own unique experiences, we get to design/ improve what our users created.

Real world money wagering

Player Testimonial:

By allowing me to play other users for money I finally have a way to monetize the thousands of hours I have dedicated to becoming extremely good at the game I play. I have used other wagering platforms, but Skrmiish is the best and easiest to use.

Doors Opened:

If we do this better than our competitors, we will capture a large part of market share as the current solutions out there are sub-par, our job is to take the heavy lifting away from the users so they have a seamless experience.

Badassery Level: SP

Just the compliance for real money wagering is a feat in itself.


Player Testimonial:

I had a lot of fun playing Skrmiish on PC, but the fact that I can now play it on mobile in games like wild rift makes me want to play Skrmiish more the time more often, from anywhere I want.

Doors Opened:

Creating the ability for mobile users to play mobile games via the skrmiish platform gives us access to the largest addressable gaming market in the entire world, imagine a platform where something like ping doesn’t matter.

Badassery Level: 9/10 “Karens” playing candy crush.

The mobile market will dwarf both console and PC in the years to come, it is our responsibility nay our duty to look to the future and how the gaming landscape is going to change and how Skrmiish will be part of that change.

APP V2.0

Player Testimonial:

The first time I used Skrmiish, the app was a little bit buggy and difficult to navigate from one page to the next, after this update it’s like it was lightning fast and how everything was laid out just made sense, I can now spend hours just looking at the app in wonder.

Doors Opened:

Our ability to create better and more intuitive navigation pathways for our users will allow them to understand the application better and become initiated users faster, this means anything we market or release new to the app will become easier to access.

Badassery Level: 8/10 User Journeys

In order to separate ourselves from our competitors we have adopted a user first approach where our platforms should feel native to the games, the closer we are to the games the more native we become.

Player messaging V1.0

Player Testimonial:

It’s great to have the ability to chat to my friends within the Skrmiish environment in order to schedule matches, smack talk my opponents or just catch up with friends.

Doors Opened:

This will be our first big social feature well introduce into the platform, this will make understanding the application easier for first time users, this will open a way for users to decide on a meta change they would like to play re the matches they are creating.

Badassery Level: 10/10 Emojis

When players get to communicate with each other it just fosters their ability to better engage with one another on a communal level, we will be able to draw an immense amount of insight from our players and what they expect to see from Skrmiish in future.

Streamer Armies

Player Testimonial:

I have never had the ability as a community member to participate against other communities in support of my streamer, knowing that there are thousands of other gamers all working towards the same goal, playing with them and meeting them has given gaming a new dimension I never knew could exist

Doors Opened:

Streamer armies at its core would allow streamers to create massive online events that include themselves and their communities in either a participation-based reward structure or a competitive structure where they face down against other streamers and their communities. Think of two leaderboards with the goal to see which community can accumulate the most LP in the shortest period of time.

Badassery Level: 1000000/10 Dr.disrespect’s

We could launch worldwide events on a daily/weekly/monthly basis that brings players and streamers together on one platform to interact and compete with one another on a scale that is unprecedented.


Player Testimonial:

This allowed me for the first time on the Skrmiish platform to personalize my player profile, show off my skill and share the experience with my friends.

Doors Opened:

This is another massive quality of life feature where users get to personalize themselves on the platform and opens the opportunity for additional monetization done the right way.

Badassery Level: Monetization done right

Giving users the ability to stand out on our platform starts giving them a sense of ownership of their profile, we start creating value that’s directly tied to their profile on skrmiish.

Game customs

Player Testimonial:

I have always wondered what it would be like to face off not against solo, duos or squads, but 50 vs 50 and how we had to work together in order to secure the win. Was truly an epic experience.

Doors Opened:

This allows us to start scaling our ability to have a 100+ players in a single skrmiish match/event. Allowing streamers to also play with many more of their fans.

Badassery Level: 50 vs 50 team count

Facilitating these massive player matches will enable us to increase our concurrency of play dramatically so that we increase our retention 10-fold, leaving our competitors down in the dirt whilst we thrive at the top of the mountain, yet were only half way up, think about it. -Doc

Webapp V2

Player Testimonial:

I started streaming 3 months ago and just got my affiliate on twitch. I registered on Skrmiish and saw I was eligible for the partner program and that I get to create my own leaderboards. THIS IS SO AWESOME! Ive never been a partner before and I’m definitely going to try host some tournaments.

Doors Opened:

This will represent a huge change in our platform. No longer will need to hunt down streamers who we think will want the platform. Streamers themselves who have a need for our services will start signing up. It is truly the point at which we can explode

Badassery Level: Streamers coming to us not vice versa

With organic traction possible the power dynamic shifts from us catering to streamers, to streamers coming to us for what we can offer.

Business Intelligence

Player Testimonial:

It feels like I really am catered for by Skrmiish

Doors Opened:

Separating and building our user personas as well as building accurate market segmentation models will help us realize who our users are and what they care about.

Badassery Level: Data is cool

Okay so maybe it’s not so badass but it is important

Big IRL Event

Player Testimonial:

I really want to go to SkrmCon next year! I hope they do another

Doors Opened:

The event will create a lot of brand awareness if hosted locally and will be a great showcase of our product

Badassery Level: Roland and Chris go way too hard

Some serious damage control will be needed afterwards

Azure Machine learning

Player Testimonial:

Its pretty crazy how Skrmiish reads all the writing when you take a picture of your results. It’s so fast too!

Doors Opened:

As our platform grows, we will be able to quickly onboard games using image recognition for results. Then as we refine, we will be able to go back and automate where possible using APIs or other methods.

Badassery Level: Sean is very excited

Plus this enables crossplay, that’s pretty big I guess.


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